Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Today's Paintings 4/14/09

Aspen Grove in Autumn
Original 72" x 30" x 0.75" painting
Three 24" x 30" canvases
Golden, Liquitex, and Atelier acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas

Path to Bard Falls Commission
Original 18" x 24" x 0.75" painting
Golden, Liquitex, and Atelier acrylics

Today's work includes a new composition - Aspen Grove in Autumn - as well as a commission of the Path to Bard Falls series. Aspen Grove is a new composition in my decorative line, and was inspired by the lovely autumn scenery here in Colorado. Path to Bard Falls is a composition I've enjoyed painting since I started painting as my day job, and depicts the path to Bard Falls on Sawkill Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River. Bard Falls is on the campus of Bard College, west of Red Hook, New York where my parents live.

Tip of the Day
Customer service when selling your art online is as important as--if not more important--than selling your work in a face-to-face setting. Your feedback on a sales venue is your "report card" from previous buyers of your work, and has a direct influence on how well regarded you are within the buyer community of any sales venue. The way to get great feedback: provide great customer service.

Honor the terms of your sale. Communicate often and well with your buyers so they're in the loop on every step of the transaction--the sale, when you receive payment, when you'll ship their purchase, when you have shipped their purchase. Ship your product as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Buyers also like to receive a tracking number so they can monitor when they'll receive their purchase. Attention to detail is important.

Leave feedback for your buyers as well, so that other sellers have some insight into what kind of customer they are, as well as providing good will and expressing your appreciation for the buyer's purchase.

Quote of the Day
"If life wanted to hand me lemons, I'd not only make lemonade, but I'd use the zest for cookies, plant seeds for future fruit and turn the rind into compost to grow flowers, all the while giving thanks for lemons." --Bridgette Mongeon