Saturday, May 19, 2012

Signature Series Commissions

Dear Friends,

I'm so excited about using these amazing, self-stretching, large format canvases from Big Daddy Canvas. Starting this week, I'm offering what I call my Signature Series Commissions.

Quaking Aspens

I'll be drawing from my body of work - 10 years of compositions - for the series, and featuring them on my sales venues Etsy and Yessy. You may also select compositions from my web site portfolio.

Lemon Tree

These paintings will be new original paintings of my original compositions, available on 48"x72" or 36"x60" self-stretching canvases.

Fall on Young America Road

The compositions I'm selecting are among my favorites, and have been highly sought after by my patrons over the years. I hope you enjoy these paintings.

Sunrise and Autumn Fields