Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Basin Commission

American Basin Commission
Original 36" x 48" painting
Golden, Liquitex, and Atelier acrylics

Original Patron's Photo

Today's painting is a work in progress on a commission I'm doing of the American Basin, which is in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. The original commission of this work was done from another patron's original photo (above). I'm often asked to do commissions from patron's original photos, usually with additional input of what else they'd like to see in their paintings. This version of American Basin is for a patron in New York who runs a gallery. I have this and a couple of other examples of commissions I've done on my web site.

Tip of the Day
Getting the word out about your work and getting exposure online may seem like an arduous task. Do I need a web site? How do I copy protect images of my work? Where are the best sites to list my work or display my portfolio? How do I manage my work if I'm listing on multiple sales venues? Are those emails I get stating they'll get my web site highly ranked in search results legit? Do I have to take credit cards on my web site to sell my work?

These and other questions will be answered through our workshop. My husband and I are teaching Selling Your Artwork Online at Colorado Free University in Denver, and will also be hosting classes at the Englewood Jerry's Artarama in the coming weeks for those of you in the Denver metro area.

For those of you who live elsewhere, or can't make it to the metro area for any of our class dates, we're soon going to be offering our workshop as an online offering through Colorado State University's Continuing Education online starting in May. Stay tuned for announcements of live or online class dates in my Announcements section (top right corner of this blog, and on my home page.

Quote of the Day
"Ah, the first step in humility: Listening." --Dr. Michael Beckwith