Friday, April 10, 2009

Prairie Creek and Sky VI

Prairie Creek and Sky VI
Original 72" x 36" x 0.75" painting
Golden, Liquitex, and Atelier acrylics on gallery-wrapped canvas

Today's work included the latest in the Prairie Creek and Sky series on three 24" x 36" canvases. This painting's big sister, which I listed on my sales venues two days ago, sold this morning to a patron in New Hampshire who's bought reproductions of my work from He also expressed interest in a commission (new original) of one of my compositions Red Cows, en route to Rollins Pass, which may be viewed in my online portfolio.

Tip of the Day
One of the issues with shipping your art to patrons is protecting your product during shipping. Let's face it--with shippers using automated equipment to move things along there is some risk involved shipping fragile items whether or not they're marked as "Fragile." I ship my paintings with extra cardboard cut to size against the canvas. Many people use bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts (a.k.a. "ghost poop"), but those types of packing materials are a cost center too. I use newspaper for packing material. It's inexpensive, and a green alternative to plastic.

Quote of the Day
"Where you stumble, there lies your treasure." --Joseph Campbell